Advanced print options

November 9th, 2022

You asked for more PDF customization options... you got it! 😁

As I told you before, more PDF options was by far the most requested feature, so I reworked the PDF generation to allow multiple new options that will cover most of your use cases:

  • Custom paper size.
  • Custom page margins for all sides.
  • Custom card size.
  • Vertical and horizontal spacing between cards.
  • Optional borders fill.

New print dialog

One of the challenges of this new print experience is to keep it simple for people that don't need the fine tuning, so this is the default print dialog:

And as you need more advanced options, this is how complex it can get to be:


PDF download is the core feature of this site, so it's extremely important that it works correctly for everyone. I had to re-implement this feature from the ground up 🚧 but it's impossible for me to test on every possible device, browser and version, so your feedback it's super important! 🙏🏻

I hope it works nicely for everyone, let me know what you think!