High Quality MTG Proxy

We finally have started our own MTG proxy print service!
High quality proxy cards printed on the amazing S33 German Black core cardstock.
The Same MTG uses!
Select your cards, pick the arts, and place your order!
Or download the pdf and do it yourself!

Orders are quickly prepared and shipped out!
Shipping, US: 3 to 5 days, International: 10-15 days!

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Price brackets


Single card


10 and up


50 and up


200 and up

Foil Upgrade Price per card.


1 To 10


11 To 99


100 and up

Proxies Printing

Add any number of cards by entering their names:


Custom cards

You can upload images in jpg, png or webp format.
We recommend 300DPI and 63mm x 88mm.
To create your own card, use MTGcardBuilder for free.

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Or explore the available sets and find what you need. Here are the most recent ones:

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