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MTG-print has been offering free MTG (or custom upload) cards pdf for you guys to print for years. And most recently, we’ve officially started our own proxy printing business. With the help of many professional along the way, we’re finally set up to offer both free pdf and mtg proxy on demand using our module the same way you always did! So if you’re tired of sliding a piece of printed paper in front of a land. Let us handle the MTG proxy print on actual MTG cardstock and cut to perfection for you!


We’re here to make it affordable while at high quality proxy compared to the one you’re used to from your home printer.
We print everything on demand, with your card selection. From MTG cards or any uploaded cards you might submit. Just make sure your size is 63x88mm and at least 300 DPI and leave important informations away from the edge for best result. We’re not able to offer Foil at the moment.

Out proxies are printed on S33 German Black core. By far the best cardstock on the market. Impossible to find in the US, and hard to find abroad, we’re happy to finally have our own supplier. Our cards looks fantastic, perfectly sized, shuffle fantastic. And once sleeved, it’s alsmot indistinguishable from a regular cards.

When making your card selection, make sure to select the sharpest visual available from scryfall.com (the database we use).
Make sure that your image is not blurry. We print what you send. If you send in a blurry image, it will be printted blurry.
We obsiouly also print double sided cards at the cost of a singular regular card. So no worries here.

However, remember that proxies are not meant to be counterfeit. We do high quality playable proxies, not countefeit. Meaning that for an exact replica, you will need to visit different websites that charges you a lot more than we do. If you’re looking to play test entire decks or addon a few cards to your current deck : We’re the right guys!
In some instances, bright cards might turn out brighter than expected as we use one color profile for all available images from our database and scryfall.com. This is something you understand might happen to your some cards in your order. Our proxies are standard size like MTG cards : 63x88mm with 3mm corner radius. No alpha corner available.

Because we use scryfall.com to source the images, it is possiblethat some variation in the color / saturation / exposure may happen during the print process as each image from scryfall.com is submitted by different users and therefor have different codec. A 1 to 1 match to your RGB monitor will not be a 1 to 1 from the CMYK print of that image. Variation is expected. While ordering with us, you understand and acknowledge that.


Our foil method can be apply to any card, allowing users to either pick from our module or upload their own visual.
Our foils are laminated with a thin protective layer to keep your print safe from scratch, which over time, these might show curvature, exactly liek MTG foils. We recommend sleeving the card immediately to avoid that normal phenomena. If billion dollar companies are not able to find a solution to that curvature, neither can we.
Our foils are made on demand. Ordering foil cards may (depending on how busy we’re) delay your order by an extra business day.


We also offer a great holographic oval foil sticker stamp for your mtg proxy cards.
The last step to make your proxy looks the best. The sticker is 0.025mm (extremely thin), looks like the real thing. Can be applied a few times before settling in, guaranteeing you enough attempts to align it perfectly.
Those stickers are going to help keep the players attention to the game, and not to the cards.


When selecting the back of the cards, you can either use one of the many we have listed, or, upload your own card back.


By uploading custom visuals, you declare owning all rights to these visuals and are fully responsible for any legal repercussions.
Cards uploaded this way will not be seen by any users, will not be shared with anyone. And yes, we do accept any form of NSFW or any other game than MTG.


If you visit our login page, we will set a temporary cookie to determine if your browser accepts cookies. This cookie contains no personal data and is discarded when you close your browser.
When you log in, we will also set up several cookies to save your login information and your screen display choices.
Login cookies last for two days, and screen op.
We do not share or sell your information with any third party


We try to get your order printed, cut, packed and shippedout with in 24-28h depending on how much demand is going on.
Our shipping cost are $5 for local shipment (usa), and 20$ for international ones. International shipping is does using the DDU method. Meaning that you will be responsable to contact any agency needed during the process, in case of custom holdins, fee, or informations to submit.
We do label our orders under 25$ values for international shipping in order to avoid any import fee based on value. Yes, we rock 🙂

Once your package is shipped, tracking is sent, we’re not able to update any of the shipping information, or re-route your order. If you placed the wrong address, you will need to pay a reprint fee, and the shipping fee again. We do not have an RTS address as this is obviously and ambigious business regarding MTG.
Remember, you’re fully responsable to input the correct shipping addres, pick up your order on time if you missed the delivery attempt and contact you lorcal or international shipping service if needed.
If your order is RTS for any of these reasons, or If your package is declared as lost, we’re able to offer you a reprint at 80% discount rate + shipping fee. Otherwise, we will offer you a free reprint + shipping fee.
We’re not to be held responsable for any shipping carrier error, but we will work with you to figureout the best outcome possible to get your cards in your hands as soon as possible.

Please keep in mind that shipment to Germany and Italy may take 2 to 9 weeks – USPS has recently reported delayed into processing parcells for these 2 countries. Your order might take that much time to arrive there. By placing your order, you understand that this is a possiblity and aknowledge the possible delay for these 2 countries.


Because our cards are custom, and meant for casual play, we do not accept returns, or refunds that aren’t due to a severe defect on our side.
As a reminder, we’re not to be held responsable for any shipping carrier error. (That include damage)
Note that there will be some variation in color, contrats, corners, texture, foiling, paper, and stamping vs original cards as we’re not attempting to counterfeit cards but only provide a good proxy.
Although we constantly strive to improve our products, they are custom-made so variation is introduced from print to print.
Beware, when selecting your card’s edition to always pick the edition that visually looks the best, as any form of blurry picture will result into a blurry proxy.

For erroneous order deliveries, contact us at themtgprint@gmail.com with images of the problem and we will assess accordingly.
In case of missing cards, or claim as such, we only offer store credit for future purchases. Whenordering with us, you understand and aknowledge this part. No exceptions.

For products severely damaged in shipping, contact us with images of the damage and we will offer credit store for the damaged items.
We proud ourself to be extremely fast. Next day ready and shipped for most order, so, we accept cancellation of orders that are requested 3 hours after placing the order and not past midnight of that day (western USA time) as our system will autoamtically generate and print your files. 

If your order status is “Printed” or “Completed” No cancellation is possible. You’re agreeing to this when ordering with us.
In case of cancelation, we will keep any gateaway payment fee (Paypal, credit card etc..) Usually rounding around 2.9-4% of the total cost.
And of course, feel free to contact us if you have any questions, we’re here to make everything go as smooth as possible.

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