Summary of latest changes

February 5th, 2023

A quick summary of the latest changes, in case you missed something 😲.

In the last three months I've released several new features, some small, some bigger, some successful and some that as you probably realized caused some problems... sorry about that 😞

Anyway, this is a summary of the main changes since the last blog post.

New printing options

All these new options are the result of your comments and several of them were thought of, iterated and tested directly with the people who requested it, which seems super cool to me. Thanks to everyone who participated! 😃

  • Cutting guide margins: A new type of cutting guide, widely used in professional printers.
  • Double-sided printing: Allows you to print double-sided cards on both sides of the paper.
  • Cards centering: You can automatically center cards on the usable space of the page.
  • Card aspect ratio: By customizing the size of the cards you can unlock the aspect ratio for fine tuning if needed.
  • Bleed: Allows you to extend the border of the card (respecting its color) to compensate for inaccuracies when cutting.

Floating Actions on cards

Those of you who have been users since the beginning, will remember that in the first versions the cards had pop-up actions that appeared when hovering over them.

The problem with this experience is that it was very difficult to use on mobile devices -which represent a large percentage of visits-, so a few months ago I changed it to a dialog that appears when clicked.

The change was very well received by mobile users, but it took a lot of agility for desktop users 😥. Based on this feedback, I designed a way to re-integrate the popup actions on desktop devices, but without losing the mobile experience enhancements.

Tokens autocomplete

A small but important change that I've gotten a lot of feedback about. Why don't tokens show up in search results?

Now they do 😅.

Cards imports

You can now import cards directly from CubeCobra! You can try this feature in the home page.

Let me know if you want to import cards from other sites 😉.

This ends the summary. I'm paying attention to your comments and ideas, there are several improvements and features pending to implement 😁. Thanks for your feedback and support!