Do I have to print the cards myself?

It depends! You can use our pdf generator a with the cards you want, in the correct size and with the cutting guides you need. Or you can order a professional print on MTG cardstock from us directly.

Can I print/order Token/emblems/doublesided cards?

Absolutely. Simply search the token or emblem by their names.
Example: “treasure” or “dog” etc..
And yes, you can order the double sided cards. Or, you can generate the pdf for free which will also contain the double sided cards in it.

Some cards images are blurry, what can I do about it?

Unfortunately the source from which the images are obtained only has high resolution images for the English language. Cards in other languages have lower resolution images, so especially texts will not be so sharp.
New sets may also have low resolution images, even in English, but in this case it is a matter of time until they become available in higher resolution.
Make sure to take the time to choose the best visual. You can always double click on any card to properly zoom in and review the sharpness.
If you have a better visual or custom image for that card, you can always use the UPLOAD module, and use your image.

Do you do foil?

Yes we do ! When placing a proxy order you can either insert the name of the card you’re looking for, or, you can upload your own card. We will print it at the highest quality available at the same exact cost as though you were ordering a regular proxy!

Shipping time, cost, and fees?

We process most order within 1-2 business days at most. (Very fast)
Shipping cost USD$5 for USA (2-5 days), and USD$20 for international (10-15 days). All shipping comes with a tracking number which will be available on your order recap but also sent by email to you.
We ship to any country. We also value our packages under USD$25 to avoid any fee based on the value of the package. (If you need an invoice for it, contact us).

Return & Cancellation

First and formost. Contact us!
You may cancel your order for as long as your order has not been printed. (You can review the status of your order in your order page).
Your order is custom made, to order. Meaning that we do not hold any stock. Therefore, being an “on demand” product, we can not offer any for of return.
However, if anything went wrong with your order, printing or shipping, please contact us as we will do our best to help provide the best outcome possible.

What’s the quality of the cards?

It’s great! We use the best cardstock available on the market : S33 German Black Core. Same are MTG cards.
Our cards are cut to match MTG size with nearly no variation at all. They shuffle great, and once sleeved most people wouldn’t even noticed the difference.
It’s impostant that you understand that we only offer a great industrial quality print on an amazing cardstock, and not an actual counterfeit card.
We offer a great way to play test decks and play with the cards you otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford. These will not pass as real and will be as good as the visual you pick. You’re responsable to pick the best visual available.

However, if you want the “real feel” from the card, you can also check our Ovale holo stickers that you can add to your cards.

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